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Join our EXTRA LIFE Team

Lookin for more info or wanna donate to our team? Visit our EXTRA LIFE team page:

All Day Raffles and Prize Wheel

Help raise money by purchasing raffle tickets or prize wheel spins for a chance to win store swag  and INCREDIBLE prizes donated by:

TopShelf Fun


Smirk & Dagger

Leder Games

Games Workshop

Chuck's BBQ Food Truck

We know you're gonna be lookin' for some grub so we brought in the best chucking BBQ for you to enjoy.  Chuck's will be donating a portion of all sales to our Extra Life Team.

Check them out here:

Demos with Tim O.

Of course there can't be an event at LFG without TIM O.  Tim will be here demoing:

A Menace Among Us

Silver/Silver Bullet

Paranormal Detectives

WarCry Tournament

Can you be the last warband standing?  Answer the call and join Warcry! 

Join us for November 2nd for these small skirmish battles over 3 rounds of quick and deadly wargaming as you embrace the chaos to win these great prizes and raise money for a great cause! 


1st Place will get $20 in store credit and have their choice of the Ravaged Lands Defiled Ruins terrain set, the Warcry Monsters and Mercenaries manual, or the Iron Golem Warband, all graciously donated to Lookin’ For Games by Games Workshop.  


-Entry is $20 which 100% of those proceeds will go towards the Extra Life charity

-You must have a 1000 point army split into Dagger, Hammer and Shield.

-Painted Miniatures are not required 

-Terrain is preset by the tournament organizer

-Random Battle Plans will be rolled each round from the pitched battle tables 


Here’s where it gets REALLY interesting and how you can donate additional money AND help your battle cause :


  • A donation of $1 each round will get you one extra Wild die!

  • During the rounds you can use abilities from the Universal Abilities chart for these donation amounts:

$2 for double, $3 for triple, $4 for quad!


Time to rally your warbands and set loose the dogs of war! 

WarMachine Tournament

Nerd Night will be here from 2- 5 pm on November 2 to kick off a set of fierce battles with a two fold purpose. First and foremost to raise money for Extra Life and CHOP by allowing players to add extra

focus/fury via a small donation

to the cause. Secondly as an

incentive to match your opponents' donations, we will use the results of this Tournament to seed our brand new Battle Board. So if you want to start off with a good position, play hard and donate to a worthwhile cause. See you on the battlefield.

Midnight MAGIC

Join us for MIDNIGHT MAGIC (12 am to 3 am). Bring Your Commander and Standard decks for a FREE session of Magic the Gathering.  Donate to Extra Life to gain extra in-game abilities and win store credit all while giving to a great cause.

Adventurer's League

Two special modules have been chosen this year to run at Lookin' for Games over two days!

DM Smitty will be running Tier 3 content on Saturday Nov 2nd from 4pm to 10pm with: DDAL07-08 Durlag's Tower!

DM Gary will be running Tier 2 content on Sunday Nov 3rd from 10am to 2pm with: DDEX2-03 The Drowned Tower!


Special Adventurers League Certificates will be available to purchase on both days with all proceeds going to charity!


Register for your table today by going to

The Other Side

Come join us in The Other Side at 9 am on Sunday, November 3. The Other Side is a game about allegiances doing battle across the Earth in a fight for supremacy and survival. Players control squads of troops, powerful commanders and massive titans as they attempt to defeat their foes and seize control control of Earth. Oh and did I mention there is CHEATING? That's right, raise money by bending the rules.

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